About Gizmo (aka Jacqui)

Taken with webcam

Taken with webcam while bored one night.


So who is Gizmo of Gizmo’s Diary?

Well I’m not a short furry creature that multiplies when wet and turns vicious if fed after midnight.  I am short, and if I didn’t shave my legs etc I guess I might be kinda furry but that’s where the similarity ends.  Gizmo is just a nickname that’s stuck with me for a few years now and I kinda like it.

I share my home with my daughter and her two guinea pigs.  I work in retail which can really test your patience at times, but being a pretty chilled out person I just smile and continue serving no matter how rude/annoying/ignorant the customer is.

I have a few hobbies; crochet, playing The Sims 4 (when it doesn’t crash), and since early 2014 photography has fast become my main hobby.

I have struggled with my weight all my life.  Always been big and no doubt always will be, but from time to time I go on diets and try to get fit … so expect a few entries along those lines.

I hope that someone somewhere will enjoy my ramblings though.  Hopefully some of it will make you smile as I have a feeling it’s mostly going to be light hearted nonsense, though there might be the occasional rant thrown in.

So, enjoy!  And feel free to follow or leave a comment on any posts that inspire you to do so  🙂

*Time for a wee update* Jan 2017

The guinea pigs have both sadly gone to pet heaven, and we now have an adopted cat called Mr Marly.  Poor wee thing has to wear the “cone of shame” pretty much full time to prevent him over-grooming to the point of baldness (it’s a nervous condition he suffers from, not anything physical), but that doesn’t stop him jumping on and off the beds, climbing up on his frame, and running about the house creating a racket at bedtime just like any other healthy cat.  He just hast happens to be the scared in scaredy cat 🙂

Oh, and I’m now a freelance photographer.  Actually getting paid to do something I love!  Never thought that would happen.


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