I know its been a while, but….

Can I ask a huge favour of you guys, especially if you live in the UK (but anyone can join in!)  Some of you may remember I’m at college studying photography … this is my final year guys!!  As part of one of my units I need to carry out some market research, and I will love you guys forever and a day if you would take 10 minutes out of your day to fill out the two surveys for me by clicking here and here.

I can’t believe my three years are almost over! It’s been a rollercoaster ride, and a damn expensive one at that! But one that has brought me so much joy and given me so much more confidence in myself.  I have met some amazing people and will be shed more than a couple of tears when this is finally over.

This is the image I will be presenting at the the end of year exhibition on June 8th.  I think it shows how far I have come both in general photography and my use of Photoshop (which I wouldn’t have used if you paid me when I started the course!)


Anyways, if you could help a gal out it would really be appreciated xx


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