Oops! Looks Like I Did It Again

Someone in my college class was talking about doing a photo-a-week challenge, even though we only have 5 months left until the end of the course.  And it got me thinking about how I tried to do a photo-a-day thing on here last year.  “Last year!  When did I last post something/anything on my blog???”  Low and behold, yup, almost a year since my last post … just like last year.

Sooo, what’s been wee Gizmo been getting up to in the past 10 months? Still working part time in retail/food on the go industry, still studying photography at college, still fighting with my daughter when we’re not being best pals, and still single through choice.  Nothing much has changed except for one little thing … I am now officially registered and set up with HMRC (taxman) as a freelance photographer! Yup, I bit the bullet, grabbed the bull by the horns, put my big/brave girl pants on and went and set up shop so to speak!

I opted for freelance since I don’t have an actual studio to work from yet, but I can rent studios, and I am looking the possibility of using my practice studio at home for actual paid work, but I will need to get permission off my landlord for that. So wish me luck folks, cos I think I’m gonna need it!Blurry Poster


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