In Black and White

As many of you already know, I am currently at college studying photography.  As part of our portraiture unit this year we have to produce a range of high key and low key images, amongst others.

Now, I love taking portraits.  I love to see people’s reactions when they see how their photos turn out, and I’m not too bad at it by all accounts. However, I am lacking in one thing which I consider to be vital, or at very least beneficial, for a portrait photographer … the gift of the gab!  Which basically means I am not much use at talking to people.  I can wax lyrical online, no problemo.  But put me face to face with someone and I clam up.

One way  have found of making this a little bit easier, in the studio at least, is to introduce props into a photo session, especially if the model/client seems as apprehensive as me! One of my favourite props as it seems to work on people of all ages, backgrounds, social status etc is a bottle of bubble liquid!  People love blowing bubbles! My own theory is that it re-connects them temporarily with their inner child.  That simple pleasure of just blowing bubbles, watching them float through the air and then watching them pop.  Never met anyone who doesn’t get caught in the moment when handed some bubble liquid.  In fact I don’t think I would trust anyone who doesn’t.

I used them in my high key shoot recently but was disappointed with the result to be honest, even after a little editing to try and make them stand out a bit more.


So when I had my low key shoot to do the other day I brought the bubbles back in.


WOW! What a difference!  In fact, if anything they are now too noticeable and distract a little from the subject.  Cant win! But at least they are noticeable, and can be taken down a little by reducing the vibrancy and/or saturation.


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