P-a-D#9 Feed The Birds

You get a double whammy (is that spelt right?) tonight!  I put seed out on my bird feeder every morning and usually the starlings get most of it … greedy sod!  But this morning the blue tit and robin managed to get in for breakfast.  And to top it off we got snow during the night!

Contrary to popular belief Scotland is not covered in snow during winter, well, not all of it 🙂  I live on the west coast and the sea air helps to keep snow fall to a minimum. Or rather it falls but it doesn’t lie for long, not where I am.

I was hoping to go and get some lovely snowy pictures, partly because they would have been good for my blog but also because I need some nice wintry shots for the environmental landscape unit of my course. But by the time I got organised to head to work it had had started raining and most of the snow got washed away 😦  So You’ll just have to make do with some bird photos.  I couldn’t decide between the robin and the blue tit, so you’re getting both 🙂  Feel free to let me know which you prefer in the comments.



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