WOW! Seriously???

I just signed in to add a new post on here and noticed it’s been almost a full year since my last post! I know I’m far from a frequent blogger, but holy moly I didn’t think it had been that long.  Oopsie!

Ironically I nipped on to ask what people think about the many “photo a day” challenges that go on.  I had been considering compiling one for January, but given that we’re already into the 3rd I’m not sure if it would work.

I quite fancy giving it a go though, but would love it if anyone reading also posted their own snapshots on the same theme for that day in the comments 🙂   I love seeing how different people interpret a theme or idea.  I must confess I tend to be quite literal at times, which can be a bit boring visually.

To get the ball rolling I’ve done the most unoriginal type of image, but one I hate doing … a selfie!  If you’re going to take part here’s the deal: it has to be taken on your phone, must be just as you are (not fresh from the hairdressers or beauty parlour shots! That’s cheating :p )


Although most of my other pics will most likely to be taken on one of my DSLRs they will still be basically snap shots.  The object of this for me isn’t about taking beautiful shots every day, it’s about picking up the camera daily, and posting daily … rather than annually!

So c’mon, lets see those selfies! 😀


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