Shopping IS exercise!

As some of you will already know, I am on and off my smoothies/diet.  I generally buy in my fruit and veg little and often, stocking up for no more than 3 days at a time.  I also switched to flavoured sparkling water as a way to trick my body off it’s craving for fizzy drinks.

On average my fruit/veg & water shopping would consist of a big bunch of bananas (I always buy more than I need as my daughter eats as many of them as I do), a bag of small apples for munching on (I’m a picker/nibbler), a bag of baby spinach, 2-3 x 500g tubs of fat free natural yogurt, 2lt of fruit juice, 4-6lt of water, a couple of bags of mixed salad, 1/2 cucumber, some cherry tomatoes, 2 bell peppers, a red onion, and 4-6 lemons.  And if I am making soup I would add to a swede, leek, 2 large white potatoes, and a bag of carrots to that list.  Actually there are usually some carrots in there anyway for my daughter’s guinea pigs … their little treat when “granny” gets home 🙂


Now that may not sound like much, but that’s just the healthy part of my shopping.  So there usually some frozen chips/fries in there, 1lt milk, bread and whatever I need for the rest of the house.

Add into that the fact that I have a 15 minute walk, uphill, from the bus stop to my house and that healthy eating shopping gives a fair old aerobic workout to a 5ft1 238lb 43 year old woman lol.

I am seriously considering adding 10 minutes of mild aerobic activity to my exercise list on My Fitness Pal each time I do my healthy shopping!!  Must be doing my biceps some good as well, surely???



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