I Hate & Love My Insomnia

I hate it when I just lay there trying to get to sleep to no avail.  Sometimes lying on my back with my eyes closed listening to my relaxation app (Relax and Sleep, in google app store, picture of a sheep icon) does the trick, but if I’m wide awake I’m awake. Simple as that.

This morning was one of those mornings.  Woke at 3am after falling asleep somewhere between 11.30pm and midnight, and having already woken up twice during that 3 hour(ish) period.  My mind was like “PING!!  Time to get up! Things to do! Places to be! Get up! Get up! GET UP!!”  I wouldn’t have minded just so much except for one thing; today was my day off work.

However, if I had been lying in bed blissfully asleep (chance would be a fine thing), I wouldn’t have gone for one of my early morning walks, and I would have missed the sunrise over the old quarry.  Not the best I’ve seen but it was still lovely to see and did help cheer me up.

July Sunrise #4


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