Ever get that feeling…?

Have you ever made your mind up to just go for something you’ve wanted to try for ages?  Something you’ve thought about and made all sorts of excuses as to why you shouldn’t or can’t do it.  And then, just when you get the nerve to actually try it and give it a go, everything seems to be against you???

I have wanted to go to college to study photography for a couple of years now.  I had even considered going to night classes as a compromise last year, but my boss wasn’t willing to let me leave work early that one night a week for 6 weeks.  B*tch that she is! But we have a new manager and so I thought I would chance my luck and ask if the company would be willing to work round a college course, since they’ve technically done it before.  Only difference was that I had a different contract then, but still worked roughly the same hours I do now.  He said it would depend on the days but he would see what he can do if I get accepted.  Woohoo!  Green light to go for it as far as I’m concerned 🙂

So, I need a portfolio of my work, my birth certificate for ID and a couple of utility bills to show proof of address (I think the last two are to apply for funding, not sure).  Simple enough, right?  Wrong!

After spending ages trawling through the hundreds of crap or borderline photos I have, I narrowed it down to about 30.  Got a second opinion on them and now my 30 has become 19 😦

Portfolio Pic

But that’s okay, now I just need to get them printed.  My printer is broken so I opt to upload them to Snapfish and get them printed professionally.  Site experiencing technical issues and wont let me upload them.

So I figured I would fill out the online application on the college website while I wait for Snapfish to resolve their “issues”.  Finds my course, clicks on it …. server error.


Okay, I’ll look for my birth certificate instead.  Gave up after 40 minutes!  I know/hope it’s in here somewhere, but I’m running out of sensible storage places that I would be likely to have kept it.

I’m beginning to think the Gods are against me doing this damn course!


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