What do you do after work?

A couple of years ago all I would be thinking about doing after a 10 hour shift at work is heading home for a bubble bath and then bed.  But that was before I got my camera.

Now when I finish work, and especially now the lighter nights are here, I tend to go for a stroll along the shore front taking photos.

At some point I’ll take a proper look through the thousands of images on my computer and sort out the good ones, but I really wanted to share a couple that I took this evening.

The “rigging” is actually a children’s climbing frame in a play area at part of the promenade.  I’ve always liked it and tried a few different angles at various points in the day, but really like this one.

pirate rigging

This image was a bit of an experiment in HDR photography using some software my daughter bought me for Christmas last year.  The images were taken freehand and as a result there was a little camera shake, but overall I think it turned out not too bad considering 🙂


So, now you know what I like to do after work, what do you like to do?


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