That’s granny done!

Or to put it another way, I finally finished that granny square blanket I was working on 🙂

It might not be much to look at but it’s been keeping me nice and cosy in my bed for the past few nights now.  There is another blanket underneath it, worked in smaller granny squares.

I was snuggled up beneath the blankets when I took this one, which is why the blanket’s a bit bumpy looking 🙂


Both were worked in double-knit (UK) yarn on a 4mm hook.  The one in the photo consists of 54 squares, 10 rounds to each.  The one beneath has 108 squares, 5 rounds to each.  All hand stitched together … square by sodding square!  Why did I start this project???


Anyway, I’m now onto my final blanket.  Not another granny one, though there will be a few granny squares just for quickness.  And this one will be worked in Aran with wool yarn using a 6.5mm hook.  Pics to follow…


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