I’m so sorry for being soooo late with the Fat Friday post.  It’s been a hectic weekend both at work and at home!

I hope you all had a great and happy Fat Friday without me.  I was run off my feet at work while we sold loads of buns, cookies, and merchandise for Children in Need.  For those outside of the UK, Children in Need is a huge national televised charity event that’s held each November.

Saturday was pretty mental as well at work, just because of the amount of customers popping in while doing some of their Christmas shopping.  It made me realise that I am seriously behind this year and time is fast running out!  Normally I have everything done and ready to go, but this year all I have bought my daughter so far is a pair of fluffy socks and a box of chocolates!  Me thinks I better get me skates on!

Sunday I was out on a date for most of the day.  You know it’s gone well when he asks, “so where do you want to go next?”  😀  Spend most of the day driving around the coast chatting and taking some photos.  Good day, great date.  I’ll put up some of the photos in a separate post.

The diet is still going reasonably well.  Not losing as much as I would like, but at least it’s still coming off, which is the main thing.


I suppose if I was to cut out my Fat Fridays for a few weeks I would lose a lot more, but I know myself that having that one day a week where I can eat what I want is what’s helping me stick to the diet this time.  Still not exercising though lol.



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