I’ve been converted!

I was never a huge fan of doing much editing to my photos.  I didn’t mind cropping and converting colour to monochrome but that was generally as far as aI felt comfortable.  I wanted my photos to stay as true to the image I had taken as possible … an opinion I formed through the “teachings” of a friend of mine who I consider to be a great photographer.

However, over the past few months I have been mucking about with some of my old pics, and even the ones I take now that I have a rough idea of what I’m doing lol.  And I have to say I’m slowly coming around to the idea that converting photos is not cheating.  It’s like wearing make-up or a good push-up bra … simply enhancing what you have, and in some cases saving what might have been a lost image.

Here are a couple of examples…



Sunset Banner

…and after. I did some editing, but I also made it into a Facebook Cover pic which is why it looks a bit stretched Still to work out how to do that without the stretching 😦




...and after.  Cropped, converted, filtered, and cloned ... no more  phone pole in background :)

…and after. Cropped, converted, filtered, and cloned … no more phone pole in background 🙂

So safe to say I’m no longer afraid of editing my photos.  My only fear now is that I might over-edit!

I have been using 3 different image editors as I like different features on each of them … Picasa 3 (which was the one I started with), FastStone Image Viewer, and my newest addition, Ribbet.  Yet to find one that gives me everything I want in one package, but then I am a fussy blighter lol.  All of those are free to download and use, though FastStone does have a pop-up asking for donations after a while, but it is worth a donation.

Still finding my way around Ribbet but have already made a couple of Facebook covers (mostly by request from a couple of friends).

Safe Bonfire FB Cover Christmas Banner Roses Banner

Will need to learn how to blend images together better, but thankfully my fireworks cover turned out not too bad thanks to them all having pretty much the same colour background, although you can spot the different shades of night sky if you load the image to full screen … or if you have better eyes than mine lol.



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