Happy Fat Friday #5

Good morning!!

How are we all today?  I’m feeling good now that I’m back on track with my diet, more or less … still not drinking as much water as I should be but I’m getting there.

How I feel today!

How I feel today!!

One thing about the rapidly approaching winter months is that we all start to crave warming. filling,  comfort foods.  I know that for my own part I will be going through  a lot of macaroni cheese 🙂  I won’t claim to be a “make from scratch” kind of cook, I use packets and jars far too much to get away with that lol.  But one way of keeping the packets of cheese sauce a little healthier is to use skimmed (or 1% fat) milk and don’t add any cheese on top.  But given that my daughter and I both love cheese I am going to add mozzarella instead of the usual cheddar since it’s lower in fat and calories.  I could use a low-fat cheddar, but round here the mozzarella is actually cheaper for the same weight.
Another good winter food is home-made soup.  Now that one I do make from scratch.  Stock cubes don’t count as cheating … do they?  I love home-made lentil but only make it now and then as she hates it.  Same for good old-fashioned plain veggie soup.  One soup we both agree on though is Scotch Broth.  So we tend to eat a lot of that in the winter.  It’s easy to make, pretty cheap and very filing (enjoy with a slice of bread or a roll if you have it for dinner).  The best bit you all the comforting feeling and none of the diet guilt as it’s good for you!  🙂

Anyhoo, this is supposed to be a Fat Friday not Sensible Saturday or any other sensible day of the week!

I’m on early shift today which means I’m in charge of the ovens at work today.  I feel a sausage and bacon roll coming on 🙂  Well it’s hard to cook the stuff for 4 hours and not get at least a little tempted to have one on your break lol.  Good job it’s a Friday.  I can yield to the temptation and not worry about it today.  I think I’ll have a half-fat Friday though as I’m going out for lunch tomorrow and I have one rule when I go out for a meal … I want to enjoy what’s on my plate, not worry about what’s on my plate.  I don’t go out to eat often, so I do like to relax and enjoy it.  I can make salad at home (and for a fraction of the cost lol)!

What are you guys having for your Fat Friday treat?  And what’s your favourite winter comforter in terms of food?  I’d love to know  🙂


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