Fat Friday Follow Up #2

Do NOT read this if you’re eating just now.
Trust me lol!

I mentioned earlier I was back on track with my diet.  Well I weighed myself after I my first morning trip to the bathroom, like I always do.  Scales were a little disappointing but still showed a loss, so I took my pic for uploading here.


I came downstairs camera in hand, opened my can of Relentless energy drink (I like my caffeine fix cold lol), made a couple of slices of toast, then felt a rumbling down below.  You know that certain rumbling that says “run bitch, run!”

So I made it to the toilet in time, just, and did what needed to be done.  Then wondered if that would have any effect on my weight.  Lets face face it folks we all joke from time to time “Oh I think I just shifted about 2lb there”, or maybe that’s just in my house!  Anyhoo, I hopped onto the scales and low and behold … I had shifted almost 1lb!!!  I didn’t have my camera handy (it was sitting on the desk with my now cold toast) so I took a pic with my old phone which I use as an alarm clock.


So, I’m now filled with a bit more optimism and confidence today and hopeful of getting down to 16st for Christmas as planned 🙂


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