Is it over yet?

I don’t know about you guys but my diet has gone right out the window this past week!  Thank goodness Halloween is only once a year!!!

I know it’s usually the kids that get all the chocolate and sweet, but when you’re the baby in the family, and all your friends know you’re just an overgrown kid at heart you tend to get “goody bags” handed in.  Even at work, where they all know I’m (supposed to be) on a diet they best cook in the shop brings in her home-made tablet which is out of this world!

I usually do my weigh-in on a Friday as you know, but I just had to see what the damage was, so I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning 😦  I didn’t take a pic mind you, but the scales were sat at 16st 11.5lbs … not good.

So, it took every bit of will power I had but I put the rest of the goodies in the bin and placed it outside.  I’m just about to go and make one of my favourite smoothies, which my daughter hates for reasons you might be able to guess when I tell you what’s in it lol, and hopefully I can spend the next couple of days being a goody-less good girl!  Oh and as I type this up I have a big pot of filling (low fat/low cal) scotch broth bubbling away for lunch/dinner later.


So, the smoothie I love but my daughter hates me taking … well lets just say the key ingredient is prune juice!


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