Feeding Time!

I’m not obsessed with taking photos.  Honest!

If I say it often enough I might just manage to convince myself, even if I don’t convince anyone else lol.

I went into the kitchen this morning to make some toast (after realising it was time to get ready for work and I still hadn’t had any breakfast) and I opened the back door to throw out a couple of slices of bread for our feathered friends on this cold November morning.  I soon noticed that the fat ball I hung out yesterday was proving to be a very welcome treat by them, so I ran upstairs to get my camera … almost falling downstairs as one of my slippers came off lol.

I stood by the back door, waited, watched, and clicked!

I’ve been informed that the larger birds (which appeared to be the greediest and fought off some of the smaller birds) is a starling, but I would be grateful if anyone could tell me what the smaller bird is.

DSC07525 001 DSC07526 001 DSC07548 001


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