Happy (Belated) Fat Friday #3

I tried to post this last night when I got home after a day out sightseeing in Edinburgh but for some reason it wouldn’t let me type anything!!  So, better late than never, I’m doing it today 🙂


I hope you all enjoyed your Fat Friday yesterday, I know I did 🙂  I had a sausage and bacon roll with a mocha at Greggs before heading off on a day trip to Edinburgh with my daughter and her friend.  Now that I think about it we didn’t actually have lunch as we were too busy walking around and taking photos, but we did go to a nice little cafe called “Has Beans” on the Royal Mile for dinner.  The service there was excellent, very friendly and welcoming.  I had a nice pasta dish in a creamy chicken and mushroom sauce and a slice of carrot cake for dessert. Delish!

I enjoyed it all guilt free, as I would on any Friday, but considering the result of my weekly weigh in I really enjoyed it!  Normally when I have a week off work I gain about 2-3lbs through boredom eating.  But this week I have actually lost 1lb!!!


Now I know 1lb isn’t a lot.  But 1lb off is always better than 1lb on.  And for me to have lost weight while on holiday is a minor miracle and I am very, very pleased with that result!



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