In the beginning…

…there was over exposure, no rule of thirds, no leading lines … absolute chaos!

Hey guys ‘n’ gals! 🙂  I’ve been sorting through my photos folder on good old BoB (Bucket of Bolts aka my computer) to find a couple of my mum that I wanted for tomorrow, and I came across these while raking through them.

This first batch were taken at an abandoned pig farm near Dumfries…

Abandoned Pig Farm-001 Abandoned Pig Farm 1-001 Sheep!-001 Tree-001 Trees-001

These are some of the first photos I took with my trusty compact, the Sony Cybershot WX100.  I had a bit of a muck about with them using FastStone Image Viewer and was actually able to save a couple of pics that I thought were a waste of time because they were too bright, too dark etc.

This next lot were at an abandoned youth hostel, also near Dumfries…

Abandoned Youth Hostel 1-001 Abandoned Youth Hostel-001 Abandoned Youth Hostel 3-001 Chimney Ruin-001 Abandoned Youth Hostel 4-001 Sheep!-001

These were taken before I developed a proper interest in photography, so they do not really follow any rules and are certainly not great photos.  Having said that there are a couple here that, if cropped just right, could make nice photos.  I could have cropped them, lined them up just right to get the best from them in FastStone, but I wanted to share the whole picture with you.

These were round about the West Kilbride/Dalry area…

Red Skies-001 Seashell-001 River-001 Graves WK-001 Going Up-001 Red Skies 2-001 Sunset-001 Stream-001

Finally this lot were at Largs, a local fireworks display, and of my late dog who died earlier this year.

DSC00345-001 Fireworks 1-001 Fireworks 2-001 Fireworks 3-001 Cumbrae Silohette-001 Sunset at Largs-001 Sunset Over Cumbrae-001


I guess I’m trying to decide if I have improved any over the past year (well just over a year actually, since the earliest one was actually from 2012).

Oh, and sorry there are so many pics on this post!  I just couldn’t think of a reasonable way to split it into 2 posts 🙂


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