Portrait edits

After some feedback I’ve decided to share the finished, edited copies which I gave to my daughter after her little photo shoot yesterday.

I should explain a few things though, based on some of the suggestions I got on how to improve my portraits of her.

  1. “Invite a friend to help distract her and make her look more natural”.  Not really an option since 98-99% of her friends are online only, and out of the two real life friends she has one works 40+ hours a week and the other might as well be agoraphobic since he leaves the house even less than she does!
  2. “Outdoor shoots provide better lighting and backdrops”.  I agree 110% with that.  However, getting her to go outside is a struggle at he best of times, and since I waited a week for her to get herself organised for the shoot I wasn’t going to push my luck and insist it be outdoors … besides which it was wet and very windy here yesterday lol.
  3. “Take photos after saying something funny so she smiles naturally”.  In theory this is sound advice, but not with my daughter.  She hates her teeth, and any time I try to get her to smile for photos by being funny (I have a knack for making her laugh) she closes her mouth and looks something like this…   smile?
  4. “Adjust the aperture”.  Hmmm.  I have a compact camera, a Sony Cybershot WX100.  I love this little camera, but the only way I have found to change the aperture is by zooming in and out.  So this isn’t always an option, and even when I do manage it it seems the background doesn’t de-focus enough to keep the critics happy.

The advice is well meant, and I appreciate it.  But in this instance I think that I know the “model” and the limitations better, so some of the generic advice that would work in a model shoot or a pro shoot doesn’t really apply here.  All useful tips for future reference though.

A few things I have learned from the experience though,

  • I really need to work on my angles
  • I need to find a way to advise her on her clothes for photos without sounding like a nagging, overly critical parent
  • I need to get a tripod
  • I really need to clear some space in here (somehow!!) to make a small “studio” corner in one of the rooms.  Somewhere I can set up a small backdrop, a chair and a floor lamp for portraits.

It’s all a learning experience, but the main thing is that she is happy with them!  That’s good enough for me  🙂

DSC06862 -002 DSC06870 -002 DSC06918 -002 DSC06956 -002


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