Happy Fat Friday #2

Hiya!  Happy Fat Friday folks!

An important part of enjoying your Fat Friday is not feeling guilty about it.  You have the rest of the week to compensate for it, and as long as you remember the old adage of “all things in moderation” you really shouldn’t do too much damage.

I wanted to share an image I found on Facebook but it was just words, so I found an image that I feel relates to the words…

self love

“Hating your body won’t make you thin.  And being thin won’t make you stop hating your body.  Love yourself first.”

Learn to love and accept who you are as you are.  It’s one of the hardest things to do, but learning how to accept yourself gives you a tremendous feeling of empowerment, liberation, and freedom.

Accept and embrace your lumps n bumps, they are part of you are just as all the bad (and good) things in your past help make you who you are today.

When you love and accept yourself you learn to accept that the little pitfalls on your weight loss journey are NOT the end of the world, you generally find it easier to get back on track quicker and not throw in the towel.

Love yourself.  Love your lumps and bumps.  Love your Fat Friday


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