Fat Friday Follow Up #1

Fat Friday Follow Up #1

ME again!  Well who else were you expecting? 🙂

Decided to take the bold step of sharing the ups and downs of my weight loss (or gain as the case may be).

I weigh myself each Friday morning when I get up unless I’m on early shift, because no offence, but at 4am on a Friday morning getting weighed is not even in my head!  Stumbling to the fridge and reaching for my cold can of Relentless caffeine drink is all that’s on my mind lol!

I had got down to 16:5 at one point, but a couple of over indulgent Fat Fridays that led onto Shameful Saturdays and Sinful Sundays have meant that I’m back up at almost 16st 9lbs for now.


I’ll be buying some fresh fruit tomorrow and hopefully get back onto my smoothies over the weekend.



How is your Fat Friday going?

I treated myself to a nice bacon roll and mocha while I was out for a walk earlier this morning.  Mmmm bacon!  Just realised I’ve not actually had a lunch yet, might grab something light/quick when I’ve finished this, but I am planning on a nice curry for dinner.  Again, it’s going to be enjoyed without counting calories or fat, but I am using diced turkey and filling it with vegetables as an easy way to keep it healthy.  Served with rice and mini naan bread that’s going to be my big treat for today … oh, and a mini/individual tub of ice cream for dessert 🙂

I’m going to enjoy it and not worry about it.  The only bit I’m concerned about for now is what to have for breakfast tomorrow since I forgot to buy my fruit while I was out earlier.  I’m thinking toast and half-sugar orange marmalade should be safe enough.  That and a nice mug of green tea before I head to work, then have a salad roll on my tea-break at work.


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