They aint seagulls!

I have been accused at work of taking and sharing too many photos of seagulls.  It seems the common gull isn’t worth photographing in the minds of my colleagues.

Well I’m sorry, but I live in a seaside town, rely on public transport to get around, and have a limited income.  All of which limits the locations I can easily get to without a willing friend to drive me further afield.  And given that seagulls are a ready source of material for me to shoot they get shot a lot … in photographic terms I hasten to add!

However, in an effort to please the masses lol, I have been taking photos of other animals, birds, and locations other than the gulls on the promenade at lunchtime!

Some of the following aren’t “good” photos by any means, but I like them and want to share them with you.  grey heron #2 blue bench breaker seaweed robin steps grey heron #1 silhouette sunrise over Stevenston #1

As usual, feel free to leave comments/feedback  🙂


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