Happy Fat Friday!

I have been half heartedly dieting this year and have successfully lost 2 stone, although I was originally hoping to lose 3 by Christmas.  I still watch what I eat even when I’m not actually sticking to my diet, but one little thing I have started doing to stop myself going waaaaay off the rails is having a Fat Friday!  Okay, so it’s more of a half-fat Friday in reality (eat what I want until lunchtime then pull the reigns in again), but that’s because if I ate whatever I really wanted all day I would undo any progress made during the rest of the week.

I am a big bitch and I will always be big.  I don’t want to be skinny.  I like being me, and I will decide when I’m at the size I’m happiest with.  Not my doctor, and certainly not society.  Society can kiss my plus sized ass!  🙂

So, I’m planning to post a motivation “love your curves and enjoy life” image each Fat Friday.  Chin up girls (and guys) and love yourself no matter what size or shape you are xx



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