Which Image Editing Software Do You Use?

I have been using Picasa 3 for most of my editing, and although it’s fine for doing a few basic things I’ve always felt pretty limited by it but couldn’t get my head around Photoshop.  I just don’t have the patience to sit and learn it all.  I like things that are simple and easy to come to terms with fast!

As a result, most of my images have gone up unedited or with very basic editing … usually just cropping and occasionally changing it from colour to black and white.

I had a couple of free to use programs recommended to me on one of the photography groups I joined on Facebook.  I wish I could remember his name now so that I could thank him again.  One of the programs, and the one I have been mucking about with for the past couple of evenings after work is FastStone Image Viewer, available to download from File Hippo.

I currently use this image as my cover photo on Facebook.

Pathway to Autumn

I like the image but felt it could have been better if I had paid more attention to the fact the sides were so bright for a start.

Although I haven’t managed to get the sides perfect (I guess there’s only so much you can do after the shot is taken) I do feel there is a little less glare and a little more detail in general.

Autumn Path EDITED

I also like the autumn leaves on the ground.  I liked them before, but I feel they are a little more colourful, a bit more vibrant now.

For anyone that wants to a little more than just add frames and change from colour to monochrome (and like me is too lazy to learn Photoshop lol) I would heartily recommend FastStone, but I’d love to know which software you use and what you love about it.


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