Final Decision

After a bit of looking around, and asking for people’s personal opinions and reviews I’ve made up my mind which camera I want to save up for.

So far I have been using a compact camera (Sony Cybershot WX100), and I do still love it and will continue to take it with me everywhere I go (never leave home without it nowadays lol), but I do feel it’s time to up my game a bit and get a DSLR.

I have opted to go for a Sony Alpha A3000.

Sony Alpha A3000

It’s more than I was hoping to spend, but this is the cheapest I’ve found a brand new one, and although it will take me a little longer to save for it I think it will be worth it in the end.

I have always had good results with Sony cameras, be it my compact or any of the phone cameras I had in the past, so it’s a brand I’m willing to trust.  I was also told that the lenses for the “a” series are interchangeable, so it should give me a wider market to search from when looking for new lenses.  Though to be honest I’ll spend my time getting used to a DSLR with the 18-55mm lens that comes with the camera.

Good job I’ve already got most of my daughter’s Christmas in, mummy needs to save for her birthday treat now!  Okay, so chances are I won’t get it in time for my birthday in February, but I’ll settle for March if I manage it  🙂


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