My Single Parent Challenge for Sims 4

This challenge can be easily adapted for Sims 3, and I imagine for Sims 2 as well.

BASIC OBJECTIVE – raise your kids well so they turn out successful and build a secure and happy home for them.  Game over when parent Sim dies OR you could continue it on and use the family for the Legacy Challenge (full rules of that challenge available by clicking here.)

SIMS – create a young adult parent (either gender), one teenage Sim and one child Sim (or add more kids for a tougher challenge.  Go to game options > gameplay > Sim lifespan, and set to normal (or if you want to make it harder, and quicker if you plan on doing the legacy option, set it to short.)

Sims must have a basic appearance.  No fancy clothes, no make-up or professional looking hair styles until your finances have picked up and your home has been upgraded to a more comfortable level.

Kids can have any traits you like but parent must be given the “Successful lineage” branch of the “Family” Aspiration.  Handy traits would be “neat” and “family orientated”, third trait to be of your own choosing.

HOME – the home must be cheap and basic, but as functional and safe as possible within starting budget.  No cheats are allowed!

You can move them in to a ready built house or build your own.  All items MUST be the cheapest available.  The objective here is to start off in tough times but hopefully rise above it all and improve your Sims quality of life through hard work.

At the start off you are not allowed to have the following;

  • computers,
  • painting easel,
  • bookcase.

These items can be bought later when you have built up a little money.


After purchase of home, decorating and furnishing you must have a starting balance of $500 (or as close to it as possible).  This can be achieved by spending more when decorating or by buying plants for your garden until you have $500 left.

The parent is to take a low income job and is not allowed to be promoted.  If they somehow wind up getting promotion they must quite that job and find another low income job.
Alternatively you can use some of your $500 to buy seeds to grow and sell your produce.  There are a lot of small “home-grown vegetable” stalls around nowadays, so this is a feasible option as far as I’m concerned.

Teenager may get a job, but they are not allowed to be promoted until they become young adults.  In this day of internet enterprise I will allow the teenage Sim to make money from the computer if/when they get one.

Paintings must NOT be sold as a way to boost income, but they can be stored until the death of the ‘artist’ and then sold.


You parent Sim can of course search for love, but they will only be allowed to marry or move the object of their affection into the family home IF both kids become best friends with them.

Have fun with this challenge.  I know it’s not exciting but it’s only my first attempt at a challenge so I’m drawing on what I know lol, though I only had one child to raise  🙂

If you do decide to play this challenge do let me know how you get on with it and I’d love to see some of your screenshots of the family you create for it  🙂  Mine is available on the the Sims community gallery if you search for User ID AmythystSim and select the Phoenix family  🙂

Phoenix family

mama Crystal     teenage Sappire     child Amber



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