Sorry to bring it up but…

I have been getting a lot of messages online (from the various sites I’m on) and in person criticising the fact that I’m still banging on about independence for Scotland.  So I had a wee rant about it on one site saying that if they didn’t like it they could quite easily un-friend me.  One friend said she has had similar problems but she took the step of un-friending those who disagree with her.  So I posted this little reply…

I don’t mind so much if people don’t like my politics, we all have our own opinions and are entitled to them in a free country. What’s getting on my nerves just now is when people say things like “you lost, accept it and move on”. Or “are you still going on about that crap?” The fight for freedom is and always has been a passion of mine. Just because a handful of people (putting things in proportion) beat us on the 18th does not mean I will surrender my hopes of one day seeing Scotland as a free nation as well as a proud nation. I would never ask someone to give up their hopes and dreams just because they are in a minority, and it saddens me that some of those close to me are basically doing that to me. Hope is what keeps us going, no matter what we’re hoping for. Hope is a vital pursuit of happiness. Damn that was good, and I haven’t even been drinking lol


And following on from that, I would like to share this little link with you all.  It makes for interesting reading, and helps keep the fires of hope burning!


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