Getting things in focus (or trying to)

As you may have noticed by now I’m a bit snap-happy and tend to shoot anything and everything pretty much just for the sake of it.  If I had a style at all I guess I must confess it would be spray and pray!  I take hundreds of photos (mainly because the camera is set to take up to 10 images each time I take a photo) and wind up with about 5-20 of usable ones!

After doing a mini photo shoot of my daughter an myself in an attempt to get a frame-able picture for my dad’s Christmas I had it pointed out to me by a facebook friend that the focus was way off.

little and large trying to break free

So I guess it’s time to own up.  I just use the auto settings and just click away.  I haven’t bothered learning, or rather putting into practice, any of the techniques I’ll need to use when I eventually get a DSLR.  I love my wee Sony Cybershot WX100 and I have been letting it do all the work for me.

So, while snapping away the other day and thinking about the various things I’ve read in the ebooks I downloaded for my Kindle app I decided to try using the tracking focus.  It’s as close as I can get (as far as I know) to controlling the focus on my wee compact.

Most of the pics I took were rubbish, quite literally since I was standing at the back door of my work waiting for the boss to show up and open the door lol.  But I think this one of the weeds growing on the wall outside my work is presentable enough to share.

weeds at work

I tried to focus on the flowers that are just off centre to the left hand side.  Not sure if it worked, but if any trained eyes are looking at this pic please comment or message me to let me know if I got it right, or if you have any useful tips to help me improve.


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