Saltcoats Revisited

Been taking a few shots of the town where I work lately.  The town is nothing special, just your average run-down, past its heyday, seaside resort.  But it was once a popular destination with many a day tripper and holiday-maker with an abundance of caravans and bed & breakfast guest houses.  There are still places to stay here, but nowhere near as much to see or do.

So why am I bothering to take the photos if the place is that bad?  Well, its not really all that bad.  It does have a beautiful sandy beach, and being in the heart of Ayrshire there are plenty of places close by worth visiting.  But my main reason for taking them is to try and build up an album in time for Christmas.

I have an elderly aunt who used to love coming here for day trips.  She hasn’t really been down much since her mother died, and her own health is in such a way that she can’t really travel here now.  The town has changed so much since she was last here that I thought it might be an idea to put together a little album for her.  Now that she’s got with the times and is on Facebook I might try putting something together on there for her, or I might just select a few of the best ones and get them printed off.

I wanted to share with you a couple of the pics I took the other morning.  Only the first two will be going to my aunt.

Saltcoats Train Station Pound Shop

The church shown above was once the most popular place to get married in the local area … now it’s a shop!

Breaker  Harbour Cottage  Beanch @ Beach


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