Sims 4 Goes Retro

OMFG!!  Anyone who has played the original game of The Sims will be left feeling a bit nostalgic with The Sims 4.

I was mortified when I realise that they brought back the loading screen when going to “town” or visiting other “neighbourhoods”.  But I eventually calmed down and accepted it since the loading time doesn’t take long (but we’ll see how that goes after about 7 EPs and god knows how many SPs lol).

But just found out that kids go straight from baby to child as well!!  Why do I always seem to find these things out the hard way and not BEFORE I buy the game???

And, AND they took away another of the main features that made TS3 the best thing since sliced bread for me … customisation!  Okay, to be fair you can still change the colour/design of objects/clothes etc … but only to specific designs for each item.  For instance… the t-shirt with the geeky looking duck/chick on it can only be used on that t-shirt, not a vest top or jumper, or bed covers like in TS3.  I’m hoping this will change as time goes on, but I doubt it.

On a cheery note though, they did bring back the “rosebud” money cheat which made me feel all fuzzy inside lol.

It seems like EA/Maxis have taken the game back to its roots. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean they’ve run out of ideas and have just opted to give the original game a new look making the most of the new technolgy available.


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