Gulls, Grannies, and Guitars!

I was working an 11 hour shift today, which meant I got a one hour lunch break.  Now I don’t know about your workplace, but where I work a whole hour sat staring at the four walls of the staff room feels almost like a punishment, so I tend to go for a walk round the town (which kills about half an hour).

And me being me, the camera came along with me  🙂

Never short of something to photograph along the promenade, even if it is usually seagulls.  Cheapest models I know of … give them a few crumbs off your sandwich and they’re quite happy to sit around while you take photos of them!

DSC05425-001 DSC05433-001 DSC05446-001

While sitting on the wall I heard a raucous laughter from the other end of the prom and saw a bunch of pensioners out trying to fly kites on the rocks in the harbour!   Not something you see every day in sunny Saltcoats!  They really made my lunchtime.  It was great to see them out enjoying themselves and acting like big kids.  I couldn’t help but think, “That’s the way I want to be when I’m older!”  Although according to my daughter I already act like a big  kid  🙂

DSC05481-001  DSC05557-001  DSC05505-001


When walking through the town to get back to work I decided to get a quick snap of our local answer to The Corries.  I realise that will mean nothing to most of you, but they were (possibly still are???) a Scottish folk duo back when I was a kid.  My mum used to watch them on the television every week when they were on, so they have a bit of a special place in my heart simply because it was time her and I spent together and I got to hear her sing along.



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