A bit of retail therapy

Decided to move on, for now, and bide my time until the next uprising (for we shall not take this “democratic” decision lying down).  And as a means of distraction I’ve opted to buy the Sims 4!

I know I said in the past I wouldn’t get it until it had been out for a few months .. but hey ho!

I’m downloading it for the first time.  All my other Sims games have been on disc.  It’s taking ages, which I don’t get as we recently got fibre broadband installed, but while I’m waiting I’m having a bit of fun creating a few new Sims for the game using the Create A Sim Demo which I got a while back.

So far I’ve done an alien version of myself, but could easily be demon/avatar theme/whatever because of the blue skin!  Done a colleague of mine who is also a Sims fan but doesn’t have the TS3 yet, never mind TS4!!  About to go and create my little family, but since the demo only allows for the creation of young adult Sims, I will be making my daughter and I as sisters.  Which kinda works since most people think we are sisters when they first meet us lol.

I’ll add the screen-shots of the Sims later 🙂


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