Simply Gutted

Well now that it’s offically over all I can say is that I am gutted.

What other country in the history of time has turned it’s back on independence???  How can we as a nation hold our heads high and be the proud Scots we once believed ourselves to be?

Hope and pride might as well wither and die in Scotland, just like this image of a dying thistle.

Symbol of a dying nation

I saw it out on a walk one day a few weeks back and that it was quite symbolic.  I said to my daughter at the time, “if Scotland votes No that will be us.  This proud nation will have the life choked out of it by Westminster in a matter of years”

As I sit here typing this I physically feel in shock.  I feel the way I did when I got news that my old school pal had been murdered.   It’s a mixture of shock, horror, disbelief, and sadness.  No, not sadness, mourning.  I am in mourning for the national pride that Scotland was once famous for.  It just died.

Well that’s it folks!  We might as well just bend over, spread our cheeks and get ready for it ’cause Westminster are going to f*ck us up the ass without lube for the next …. well, until we grow a pair of balls and break free!!!


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