Head or Heart???

Today the people of Scotland will make the most important decision most of them will ever make.  Whether to boldly step forward and shape our own future, or whether to cap in hand to Westminster and say we’re sorry and hope they don’t give our ass too hard for having the balls to stand up and ask for independence.

Sorry.  That was a slightly biased view lol.

We will be voting on the future of our country today.  And it really is one of the biggest, and for some the hardest, choices we have ever faced.  There has been mud-slinging on both sides, accusations on both side (some false, some not).  And sadly, no, shamefully there has been violence on both sides.

There are some people who are still undecided simply because they can’t get a clear answer on the issues that matter to them personally.  Some are undecided because of the good old fashioned fear “what if it goes wrong?”

I put my point of view forward to a colleague the other day who said”But if it goes wrong there’s no going back.”  I explained that if we have a Westminster government that we (here in Scotland) don’t like, even if every single person in Scotland voted to get them out we would NEVER have an effect on that election.  We simply don’t have the numbers to affect change in Westminster.  But, IF we win independence and don’t like the new Scottish government … come OUR first general election we CAN make a change.

She still looked a little scared and uncertain.  So I made it a really simple choice.  I, come voting day, your head can’t make a decision either way, decide with your heart, because you are the one who has to live with your choices.  Do what’s right for you.  Like everything in life, if you are true to your own feelings you will have a clear conscience.

Just my view on it  🙂  But I would say the same to all out there STILL to make up their mind.  If your mind can’t decide, go with your heart.   



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