Karma, people. Karma.

My own political stance on this matter is well known by those who know me, and now by you after seeing this post lol.  But I would just like to point out something which I have shared with my friends and family on Facbook after watching too many long standing friendships turn into bitter rivalry over this once in a lifetime opportunity.


We all have our opinions.  Some have been more passionate in expressing their opinions than others (on both sides), and there are still some who have yet to take a stand with either side.  Things have been said and done by people on both sides which have at times angered me, saddened me, and just plain appalled me.  Families and friends have fallen out.


But people I urge you to remember this – no matter what your opinions, no matter which way you vote on Thursday, please be nice to each other.  Respect others rights and opinions … even if they are wrong 😉  No more violence or falling out with people you have known and liked for most if not all your life.

Remember people, karma sees everything, and karma is a bitch!


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