My Ice Bucket Challenge

Well, like many of you on here, I have some wonderful friends on Facebook who know I’m generally a good sport and like to do my bit for charity if I can.

So when I received not one, but three nominations in less than a week for this ice bucket challenge I gave in and agreed to do it. But me being me I had to have a laugh with it as well.

I’ve posted the video on youtube since not all my friends are on Facebook, and I wanted to make as many people smile as I could. Feel free to have a wee look by clicking here, and by all means laugh if you want to. Laughter is good for the soul!
For those who don’t have time, here are a few still showing me before, during and after.

Thanking those who nominated me...

Thanking those who nominated me…

The build up

The build up

I C E ! !

I C E ! !



I would like to point out, since it’s been commented on a fair bit on FB, I did NOT wear the shower cap to cheat!  I bought the shower cap as a giggle because I knew it would go with the top I was going to wear.  If I had wanted to keep my hair dry I would hardly have left it hanging out from under the cap :p

I hope you like the video and it raises a smile, but it would be even better if it raises some money for cancer research or care of those living with cancer, and that includes the families of the patients as well.  Please donate something, anything, to the cancer charity of your choice if my wee video makes you smile  🙂


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