Writing Through Grief

For many people it can be difficult to express their feelings to others, and sometimes themselves, verbally. Sometimes it’s easier to sit down and write or type than it is to talk. Somehow the words flow easier, and before you know it you can be pouring out your soul without having to speak a word.
I know that for me personally being able to sit down and get it all out of my system is a great help when things are tough emotionally. That was the reason I started my blog in the first place if truth be told. I was sat here one night feeling depressed about the loss of my mother amongst other things, and I wanted to vent and offload at least some of that emotion. I’m happy to say that my blog has taken an entirely different twist nowadays, but I still sit down and type until my heart’s content when I need to get it all out … I just don’t blog it generally. No one ever sees it except me. But it’s out of my system and there in black and white, which makes it easier for me to deal with. I would strongly encourage others to do the same.
I have found myself sitting on a bus feeling angry, depressed, or emotionally confused about something that I don’t want to keep bottled up, so do you know what I do? I get out my phone and send a text to myself about it! Or sometimes just type it up and then either save it or delete it depending how important it is. But the point is that I’ve gotten it out of my head and onto a medium that I can read it or delete it as I see fit. Try it, it just might help you as well.

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Blogs are incredible vehicles for exploring our passions and finding our voices. They can also be powerful tools for healing in the face of trauma; for many of us, the act of writing is a cathartic one.

These brave moms are blogging their way through one of life’s more traumatic losses: the loss of a child. Calling themselves babyloss blogs, they provide insight for those of us who have never experienced this unique pain and support for other parents starting to navigate the same grief — along with hope that life does go on, and happiness is still possible.

C is for Crocodile

2014 BlogHer Voices of the Year winner Timaree started C is for Crocodile to chronicle her pregnancy, never imagining that after three years and five months, she would instead be chronicling her son’s fight with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia — an incredibly rare form of cancer. She blogged through his treatment…

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