Gay Pride Glasgow 2014

I was at Pride Glasgow, the gay pride march, and naturally had my trusty Sony Cybershot with me.  The photos I took were nothing more than snap shots so I won’t be posting many of them elsewhere than on my regular facebook account (much to the dismay of my colleagues who are now getting sick of my photos lol).  But while I was sorting through them to separate the bad from the bearable I came across this little gem.

Child with Balloon

Child with Balloon

It’s not a great photo.  My hands were shaking, I was walking while taking it, and just had the camera set to auto adjust everything (nope, I still haven’t worked it all out yet).  But the reason I want to share this photo is not because it’s a good photo, I’ve already admitted it’s not, but because I feel it’s a good image.

Let me explain.  I live in a small coastal town where most people have small, closed minds.  Some are openly against gays, gay rights and think that gays shouldn’t be allowed to raise kids because it’s not fair to the children.

I saw lots of families at Pride, just as I did last year, and I have to say I didn’t see a single one of those kids looking unloved or neglected.  They were better behaved than half the kids raised by “normal” parents where I live.  They didn’t look confused, unhappy or frightened.  So what’s the problem with gay parents?  I’m not saying they make better parents, although they are probably better at teach acceptance and tolerance of others, but from what I’ve seen they certainly don’t do any worse of a job than straight parents.

Okay, rant/lecture over 🙂   Hopefully next year I’ll get some better photos that will worth sharing because they are good and not just because the capture a thought or emotion.  Although having said that, I think that’s what my personal photos are for me … a way of capturing something that provokes thoughts or feelings.


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