Nope I don’t speak Japanese, but anyone who has watched Heroes will know what I’m on about.  And for the benefit of those who haven’t seen it, or who didn’t find Hiro Nakamura strangely adorable … it basically means “I did it!”

“It” in this case being got on my bike almost a week after buying it  🙂

I haven’t been on a bike for about 20 years, and the last time I was on it I was all over the place (it had been some years between bike rides then as well) and eventually fell off.

My new bike  :)

My new bike 🙂

But cycling was my favourite pre-pregnancy past time, and I wish I had kept it up after my daughter was born but sacrifices had to be made being a single parent.  I drifted away from it, lost confidence in riding after I fell off the bike I guess.  But given my new found love of exercising and getting fit … and the fact that my daughter is now an adult and, for the most part, safe to be left alone I feel ready to see if I can pick it up again.  after all, you know what they say about riding a bike…

I only went for a 20 minute cycle this morning, which wasn’t far at all, but it was far enough for my first time out on it.  Oh, and being the big chicken that I am I went out at 3am when the streets were empty and still pretty dark lol.  It’ll be a while yet before I let myself loose on the general public, or in daylight!  But I enjoyed it, when I eventually got my breath back … hadn’t realised there was an incline in the road coming back to my house, always thought it was pretty flat, until this morning!

So today at work I’m going to have 2 Queen songs going round my head … no prizes for guessing which 2 lol.


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