Moving In

Or to put it another way, time to start furnishing the place.
I decided to get my daughter apartment done first that way she won’t be hanging around every half hour or so asking if I’ve done it yet. I let her tell me what patterns she wanted used, although to be honest I kinda knew which ones she would go for anyway.

Apartment Lounge and Kitchen/Dining area

It’s basic but still meets her needs. She is an avid reader, so she has a nice large bookcase … which would hold about half of her real life book collection! She is an online gamer, so obviously she has to have a PC and wide screen TV (although she wanted the largest one there is, it wouldn’t fit in her little apartment.)

The bathroom is down in the garage, as is the washing machine and dryer. The bedroom is pretty basic since ¾ of her time is normally spent in front of the TV or PC! She’ll kill me when she sees I’ve given her Sim the slob and couch potato traits lol.


Once her place was completed I went on to the pool/gym area as I knew I would have them done a bit quicker than the main house.


The pool area is pretty basic, but then how fancy does it need to be? It’s meant for swimming and maybe just relaxing in. There are a couple of loungers for chilling on or catching your breath after 50 laps of the pool (though I have to confess I can only manage 20 before I feel like sinking to the bottom of the pool), towels on a shelf, lockers to store your clothes out of the way, and a bookshelf should the sims fancy something to read while they relax. Okay, so the bookshelf is actually just a decorative object, but if it were MY pool, there would be a book shelf.
The gym has your standard gym equipment … weight bench and treadmill, TV for those exercise at home DVDs (or in my case EA Active 2), and since I used to fancy myself as a ballerina when I was a young child, there is also a dance bar.


There is a bar and fridge included, which might seem an odd thing to have in a gym, but since this is meant to be based on how I would like my ideal home to be this would be to make my fruit smoothies before/after some intense workouts.  Sorry it’s not a better picture, but capturing the reflection of the room was the only way I could get everything into the one shot.



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