A Little Food Rant

Over the years we have been warned about the various dangers of certain foods to our health, either from the point of view that they make us fat or responsible for food poisoning. Today I have read two articles which made me roll my eyes and think “here we go again!”

Don't wash chicken

First was the article about washing raw chicken. The poor wee clucks have been getting enough bad press over the years, but now it seems even washing them (which correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t we told that was a good thing not so many years ago??) is a bad thing now. By washing them we are apparently spreading the bacteria across the whole kitchen and  causing food poisoning by not cleaning our utensils, worktops etc afterwards. Well I’m sorry, but I have been washing my chickens in my kitchen since the very first raw chicken entered my house almost 22 years ago (and I always clean up afterwards), and neither I nor any of my family have suffered from food poisoning as a result of it. So I’m afraid this woman will continue to was her chickens and take her chances!

Next up … sugar!

It’s been a baddie from the beginning when it comes to diets. Wasted calories, empty calories etc. But now it seems sugar is “more addictive than tobacco, more dangerous than alcohol, more fattening than fat.” Cutting out sugar in processed foods is fine, if you have the will power to manage it, but what about natural sugars in natural foods? My primary concern is fruit.

Some of you will know that I enjoy my fruit smoothies, and occasionally some green smoothies. And some of you will also know that I’m a member of My Fitness Pal where you can log your food and keep track of the nutrients you are eating daily. Luckily you can change which things you track (although calories are compulsory). I eventually removed the sugar category from my food diary as it was depressing me to see that even when I managed to keep everything else green (within my daily allowance) the sugar was almost always in the red. When I started to look at what I was eating I noticed that the bulk of the sugar was coming from my fruit smoothies. Well I’m sorry but if I have to choose between fat and all kinds of sugar then I know which one I’ll be trying to reduce/cut out.  Lower fat products like the skimmed milk I use, or low fat yogurt may well contain more sugar than I would normally use in the likes of coffee or cereal but they also contain less fat and less calories than the full fat versions.

Since calorie counting works for me (and to be honest works for most people who can be bothered to keep track of them) I’ll keep my hidden sugars thanks.


The articles mentioned can be found here for chicken, and here for sugar.



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