Decorating completed

Okay, so I did some decorating last night after work.  I made the mistake of telling my daughter she could pretty much decorate the apartment her Sims will be living in, but just between you and I, I’ll be making a couple of subtle changes to it later.

I usually just stick with neutrals unless I have a specific family or theme in mind, but since I want this to look like somewhere I could see myself living I opted for some colour.  The lounge is based on décor from my old flat.  It was the only room I never redecorated the whole time I was there.  I just loved the colour scheme and felt that the mahogany wood grain worked really well with the terracotta paint on the walls.  I’ve never been able to find the same paint again, and likewise not been lucky enough to have bare wood just ready to varnish.  I loved that little flat, it was a blank canvas when I got it.  Back to the Sims…

When I get round to furnishing the rooms I’ll show you them in more detail, but hopefully you can see them okay for now.  The white room at the back would be my photography studio, but I’ll use it as an artist studio for my Sim.

Pool & Basement

Pool & Basement

Garage & Apartment

Garage & Apartment

Main Building

Main Building

The master suite has a private sitting room, bathroom, walk-in closet and bedroom.  Three guest rooms might seem excessive but I need them for my Sims and they would be handy in real life as well.

More updates tomorrow  🙂


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