Under Construction

I’m working most of the weekend, and feel like I’ve worked pretty much non-stop for the past couple of weeks.  But since all work and no play makes Jacqui boring and grouchy (according to my darling daughter) I’m going to use what little spare time I have over the next few days for some Sims 3 time!

I started it this morning by constructing a new home for myself.  Or to be specific, a home I would like for myself in real life, but will use for the family I’m playing with in TS3 just now since they need a bigger home now anyway.

It has a master suite, 3 guest bedrooms, a studio apartment above the garage (where I would kick my daughter to live), an art studio (which I would use as a photography studio), utility room, 2 bathrooms, family lounge, kitchen and dining room, a pool and gym, and a basement for whatever.  I’m contemplating adding a sun room/conservatory as well but I’ll see how I feel as I work on it.

For now though here are a couple of screen-shots of the basic building…

Basic Construction


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