Unusual party locations or themes

I was asked something by one of my daughter’s friends the other day that  I immediately replied with “get yerself hunted!”  Which is the local terminology for “Not on your nelly!”  But when I though about it later it did get me thinking.

We had been discussing the fact that I am finally getting my garden tided up and have bought some new plants etc and he asked if we could have a party in the summer.  I was about to say yes until he added the fact that he wanted a beach party in the garden!  I could see where he was coming from mind you.  He knows I like to dress up, have a laugh, and be a bit different at times, and it would be a great excuse to get the camera out … but when he mentioned putting in a sandpit and paddling pool (which I would no doubt be left to fill and empty) that’s when I raised my objections.

But I am now wondering, who says you need a beach to have a beac party?  And why not have a beach party in the garden, or a garden party on the beach for that matter lol?

So my question to all of you (assuming anyone is there and I’m not just talking to myself lol) is…  Have you hosted, attended or shot (for the photography types on here) a party that was in an unusual location?   OR, what was the weirdest party you’ve held in your garden?  I’d love to hear about it 🙂


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