How basic is an introduction to digital photography?

Well that’s what I’m hoping to find out later this year.  I’ve decided to get myself a little semi-formal education regarding my snapshots and have opted to enrol in an evening class at the local college.  I would love to do a full time course, but sadly bills need to be paid which means I need to keep on working.

I’m hoping to sweet-talk my boss into letting me away early the one night a week for six weeks starting in September.  I  know that the course will be on no importance to her, but to me it is a step closer to getting good at something I enjoy.

The course is “An Introduction to Digital Photography & Photoshop”  and doesn’t come with any formal national qualification as such, but I will (hopefully) get a college certificate for it.

Until then I’ll just keep looking through the few free e-books I have downloaded and using my trusty friend, Google, when I want to try and improve my ability.

Have you any thoughts on that by the way … self education via books/online resources VS formal education with regard to photography?


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