Movin’ it!

Just a quick update regarding the ongoing battle with my weight.

I’m winning the weight battle of 2014!!  I have now lost 18lbs so far this year and am well on track (I hope) to lose the 42lbs I aim to lose this year.

I am still drinking my delicious smoothies, though I have switched to more fruit smoothies than the green smoothies.  Lets’ face it, the green smoothies sometimes taste okay but they look like something out of a blocked drain!  I still have the odd one though just to get some greens in me.

I am also moving that body!  I work out at home, and I think I mentioned previously that I use EA Active 2 for pretty much all my workouts.  Well I started the 9 week challenge on it, and I have completed phase 1.

I did have a minor setback when I was on holiday last week.  Lets face it folks, we all go off the rails when on holiday, especially when you visit your favourite aunt and she insists on feeding you up to make sure you’re eating right!  So, lots more of the stuff I would normally avoid like the plague, and no exercise other than a 30 minute walk before dinner each night I was there.

But I have now lost the weight I gained, and am firmly back on track.  I do have a couple of workouts to catch up on from the 9 week challenge but I’m getting there and should be up to date by Wednesday.


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