Day 2.5

Calling this update Day 2.5 since it’s not quite a third day of fasting as I had food to eat before and during work.

Well, I had peanut butter & banana on toast with a glass of milk for breakfast today, 2 corn flour rolls with salad while I was at work, and I’m now sitting here with my first smoothie of the day in front of me.

I was looking forward to eating today, and I did enjoy the act of eating, but as I sit here I can hear my tummy monster growling at me and I feel hungry. I haven’t felt hungry since Sunday.

I’m hoping that this smoothie will help fight off the hunger and that I won’t be tempted to go and make something to eat. I did walk past the 3 Cheese Pasta Melt that was on offer in the supermarket today … okay, okay, so my daughter had to drag me away from it … same end result! 🙂

I did however buy some fresh pineapple which is also on offer just now, as well as some strawberries which are starting to come into season here. Add to that some banana and spinach that I had left from yesterday and that’s my lunch. The 3 Cheese Pasta Melt will have to wait for another day 😦

I also went to the local frozen food shop after work to get a couple of bags of frozen mixed berries to experiment with at some point. While I was there I noticed that there were bags of frozen spinach that could be included in the same offer, 3 for £2 (approx. $3). I have no idea how many smoothies I will get out of it but it might be an even more economical option if I get enough from it.

Mmm, really enjoying this one I’m having for lunch. If anyone managed to get the Kindle book I mentioned yesterday, Green Smoothie Power, I’m having a smoothie based on the Papaya Green Smoothie, but I substituted pineapple for the papaya since that was what I had in my kitchen. Still tastes scrummy though 🙂


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