Day Two

Okay, here we are at day two of my fast.

The smoothies I had yesterday came from a couple of free kindle books I found on Amazon; “Green Smoothie Power” by Jill Warren, and “Weight Loss Smoothies” by Ranae Richoux.  In total I managed to get about a dozen FREE kindle books with recipes and advice on green smoothies.

I’m having a bit of fun experimenting with them now.  My only problem (apart from the fact I suspect my blender might not be powerful enough) is that I don’t have measuring cups, and all the recipes in the books refer to cups.   I have tried using my own coffee cup, but I’m now on to the “grab a good handful of greens and throw in some fruit, add enough liquid to get it the way I want it” technique 🙂  That worked last night for my own apple smoothie – mug of skimmed milk, half mug of unsweetened apple juice, 3 small apples (Braeburn size apples).  Yum!

Now I know that ideally, to keep it a “pure” green smoothie, I should be using fresh fruit juice.  A) I don’t have a juicer to get the fresh juice, B) I am damn close to living on the breadline so I buy what I can afford.  I made sure to get unsweetened fruit juice, so that has to count for something … hopefully!

Chances are I’ll eat tomorrow when I’m back at work as my job is fairly energetic, but I still have the salad bowls I bought the other day (dated until 10th of this month), so I reckon I’ll take two of them in for my two tea breaks tomorrow and maybe have a granary roll with each just to keep me going.  I’m planning on taking a couple of smoothies when I’m not at work tomorrow, and since I’m basically just eating salad the rest of the day I think I should still be on track to lose weight.  I’ll certainly be well within my calorie allowance for the day that’s for sure!

Yesterday I had four smoothies, which came to approximately 1122 calories.  I am allowed between 1800-2000 on my diet, 2000 being generally considered as a healthy amount for your average adult.  I think I will need to do some further reading and find out if you are supposed to take enough smoothies to reach your RDI of calories or not.  My problem, apart from the cost of doing it that way, is that I didn’t feel hungry yesterday.  I thought I might get some pangs considering I was giving up food cold turkey as it were, but nope.  Nothing.  So, if I need to force myself to up the intake just to get the calories I don’t think I would be able to do it.  As it is though, what I plan to do is take about four a day, more if I feel the need to, and keep within the RDI but not stress about reaching it, as long as I feel healthy and am able to carry out my usual activities.

I’m off to enjoy the rest of the Peanut Butter Banana Shake I made for breakfast!  🙂


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