Here we go again!

I embark on yet another attempt to lose weight and get in shape today. I have always been big.  I accept and embrace the fact that I will always be “big”.  I just don’t want to be this big any longer. A couple of years ago I had lost 3 stone (32lbs) in a year, which was my best effort to date.  Then my world came crashing down around me, or so it felt, when my partner walked out on me.  I began down that dangerous road of comfort eating.  I quickly gained two stone, and over the course of the next year the third one gradually crept back on as well.  To make matters worse I even gained an extra few pounds! So since the start of this year I have fluctuated between 18st 1lb – 18st 7lbs.  Over the past few weeks I have started to make a couple of small but effective changes: not eating past 7pm, making sure I get my 2lt of water a day, and taking slightly smaller portions at mealtimes.  I have managed to get my weight down to 17st 13.5lbs as of this morning by doing this, but I want to lose more before I lose motivation. I recently watched two documovies on Netflix which have gave me some food for thought; “Supersize Me”, and “Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead”. Supersize Me was more about the dangerous of overeating, eating too much processed food and fast food, whereas Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead was more about the benefits of juicing in particular, and about maintaining a healthier lifestyle after a fasting period. Both were good.  Both taught me a few things and inspired me to do a little research of my own.  I quite fancied the idea of the juicing fast as I know for a fact I don’t get enough fresh fruit and veg in my diet, but being on a tight budget and hating waste I wanted to know what to do with the pulp from the fruit and veg.  I couldn’t find any ideas for the pulp, so instead I looked into the pros and cons of juicing versus green smoothies. Both give you the benefits of the natural ingredients,  but the smoothies use the pretty much the whole fruit and vegetable (with the exception of the skin on some of them) and as such give you more fibre, which in turn makes you feel fuller for longer … or so they say.  So I’ll be trying smoothies for the next couple of days to see how it goes, and that theory on feeling fuller will be tested to the limit with me! Wish me luck folks!


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